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  • What is “breathwork”?
    Breathwork is a practice that uses breath as a tool to develop awareness in the mind and body, helping you to feel more in control, less vulnerable to stress, and enjoy a deeper sense of wellbeing. Breathwork is a self-empowering technique, and just a few minutes a day of conscious breathing has a transformative impact on physical, emotional, and cognitive development. In our first book in the series, Once Upon a Breath…In a Magical Forest, we invite your little adventurer to use their breath as a superpower to help them feel: Stronger >> Braver >> Calmer >> Happier >> Focused The second book in the series, Once Upon a Breath...Where Dawn Meets Dusk, helps adults to connect conscious breathing with mindful movement and mindset prompts. You learn two different breathing techniques, one for the morning to help activate and revive your body and one for the evening to help relax your mind and body. Regular breathwork practice helps to support nervous system regulation so you feel more balanced and resilient to everyday stressors.
  • I’ve never done meditation or breathwork before; can I use Flip & Flow?
    Of course you can! Playing with the Flip & Flow is a great introduction to mindfulness techniques. One of our primary goals is to remove preconceptions that meditation and breathwork practices need to look a certain way. We invite you to create sequences that resonate with you and help you explore your inner landscape. The easy-to-follow visual cues and intuitive design will support you wherever you are on your journey. Each book includes a guide and recommended techniques.
  • What breathing technique do I use?
    We recommend you breathe in through the nose to create nitric oxide and introduce focus. Breathe out of the mouth, with a sigh, to make a relaxing vibration in the throat and soothe the nervous system.
  • How long should I continue breathing with the meditation?
    We recommend starting with 3 deep breath cycles, as research shows it takes at least 30 seconds to calm the nervous system and activate a parasympathetic response (rest, digest, relax). It takes time for children to develop and understand their sensory experience, so we encourage you to enjoy the journey. With practice, try to build up to 10 breath cycles.
  • How can I help my child with the breath count?
    Visual and physical cues are effective in helping your child tune in to the rhythm of the breath, without worrying about the count. As per the card selected in the book, we encourage you to breathe in and out with the child and count using your fingers to demonstrate the inhale and exhale.
  • What is meditation?
    Meditation is awareness training. The working method of meditation is to observe the mind and thoughts that arise from your consciousness without manipulation, judgment, or seeking outcomes. vs. Breathwork is a means of direction and control rather than observation. Intentions anchor the breath to create a sense of purpose, instill personal agency, and help heal trauma. It’s also a sensory experience - you physically engage with the breath to move and clear energy in your body.
  • How do I use a mantra?
    The sequence you create on the Mantra side is your special “thought of the day.” It's something to say out loud, keep in your mind and close to your heart to help you remember how special you are. Research shows that repeating positive affirmations every day helps forge neural pathways conducive to a growth mindset. Stand the book by your bedside to create a new daily affirmation ritual.
  • What’s a suitable age for Once Upon a Breath…In a Magical Forest?
    Our first edition, Once Upon a Breath…In a Magical Forest, is designed for ages 3-11years.
  • What’s a suitable age for Once Upon a Breath…Where Dawn Meets Dusk?
    Our second edition, Once Upon a Breath…Where Dawn Meets Dusk, is designed for adults.
  • Is Flip & Flow eco-friendly?
    We’re committed to ethical and sustainable production as part of the Flip & Flow philosophy. We’ve sourced FSC-certified, recycled paper for our book and printed with soy-based inks. We’re continually reviewing our supply chain with the aim of reducing environmental impact. The flipcards are laminated to maintain the durability and quality of the book.
  • Where can I buy Flip & Flow books?
    We want to spread the love far and wide. We’re continuously working to make our books available and accessible to you wherever you are in the world! We’re a small business with satellite offices in the UK and USA, serving our local markets to start with; you can buy our book from our website, Facebook and Instagram shops. Be on the lookout for more online and independent retail channels as we expand and grow our brand! If you’re not from the UK or USA, please email us for shipping rates: If you would like to stock our flipbook, please email us:
  • Is Flip & Flow suitable for the classroom?
    Absolutely! With 48 educational and interactive flipcards, you can give every child an opportunity to play, learn and enjoy a moment of self-discovery. The growth mindset affirmations and meditative exercises of each thoughtful sequence are designed to be an engaging visual resource to to being the day, take a “brain-break”, or end the school day on a positive mindset. The flipbook is a child-led resource, ideal for the teachers desk or library shelf - that invites them to create calm and connection - and learn how to express themselves and self-regulate. If you'd like to know more about how our books can support your wellbeing curriculum - please email us at
  • What are the benefits of using the Flip & Flow?
    Explore the mind-body-breath connection, with a beautiful springboard into mastering self-regulation and a growth mindset. Our books provide an engaging visual resource, to support you into creating more calm and connection within. They are designed to spark self-inquiry and allow space for emotional literacy to develop. Each card plays an important role in creating a sequence that helps you connect your: Breath - Mind - Body - Energy & Emotions Through this holistic connection, we can learn how to regulate our nervous system better. Use our books as a key that opens the door within. A conversation starter. A drop that creates the ripple effect towards emotional wellbeing.
  • What’s a suitable age for Once Upon a Breath…In a Magical Forest?
    Our first edition, Once Upon a Breath…In a Magical Forest, is designed for ages 3-11years. Our design has been thoughtfully curated to allow for a child-led mindfulness practise, giving them the agency to create their own flows and stories allows for a deeper learning experience. The hand-drawn characters and scenes from a magical forest are visually engaging and thought-provoking. The "Meditation" side helps children to connect the key elements of: Breath - mind - body and emotions The "Mantra" side helps children to develop self-esteem by creating a growth-mindset affirmation.
  • Do you have special offers for schools?
    YES! We are so passionate about supporting children, teachers and educational settings with valuable resources for their mental and emotional wellbeing. Please email us at and we can discuss special offers for you and your school.
  • Can you share an easy breathing technique that will help me feel calm?
    Of course! Breathwork is our specialty. We recommend the 4:8 breath for beginners and advanced breathers alike. It's a simple inhale through the nose, deep into your belly, for a count of 4 and an exhale for a count of 8. You can choose to exhale either through the nose or the mouth, whichever is most comfortable for you. If you're just getting started, try three rounds of breath. As you get more comfortable with the technique and your breath retention improves, you can add up to ten rounds of breath. For the advanced breathers, add a hold for a count of 7 between the inhale and exhale. Follow the video below for more detailed instructions. Breathe easy!
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