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Your daily ritual begins with an inviting space

Sacred space is all about how to honor and protect your own energy.

Creating a sacred space offers freedom to explore, learn, and expand; a sanctuary of safety from the demands of the outside world.

It's your invitation to go inward - to self-nourish.

Woman meditating in front of a small altar with forefinger and thumb touching one another
Photo by Shashi Chaturvedula on Unsplash

Your space doesn’t have to be big… keep it simple… it can even be outside… but it should be dedicated solely to your mindfulness practice. Suggestions: a small altar, meditation pillow in a peaceful location, a nook or cozy corner, a special spot in nature.

By returning to the same sacred space with regularity, your mind reinforces the neural pathways that convey calm to your nervous system.

Each time you’re immersed in your space and spend time with objects that hold significance, your subconscious recognizes this as a space of relief.

Set the tone by engaging with your senses.

Start with visually pleasing surroundings - curate items that instill a sense of peace and are meaningful to you. Suggestions: crystals, plants, stones, relics, offering bowls, mandalas, and inspired quotes.

Your own environment is a mirror of your internal mental and emotional state - if it's cluttered and chaotic, your physical space will be a reflection of that.

By clearing unnecessary objects and tidying your sacred space to only include those things that have meaning, your mind can settle into ease. You'll be better able to focus and call in your source energy.

Introducing sensory elements that provide a sense of ease and flow to your heart, mind and body so that you can tap into inner peace.

Light a candle at the beginning of your practice as a way to symbolically open the connection to your source and transition to an expanded frame of mind.

Choose an incense, essential oil, or soothing scent that helps you feel calm and relaxed. Suggestions: sandalwood, sage, lavender, frankincense, Florida water, lemon or orange, palo santo.

Invite sound to be a part of your practice.

Sound helps produce more of your body’s pleasure chemicals, serotonin and dopamine, sending them throughout your body to elicit a deeper state of relaxation. Suggestions: sounds of nature, singing bowls, chanting, mantras, and music tuned to healing frequencies.

A committed practice will bring an energetic shift to your space.

It can be as little as 5 minutes daily - be sure you’re fully immersed, without distraction. The key is consistency. Commit to the same amount of time, every day at the same time.

When you create a dedicated space that feels calm and tranquil, you'll be able to connect to your wellspring of energy.

This is the magic of sacred space... it becomes a place you long to return to for respite, balance and rejuvenation.

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